Bronze Fire Metallic 2015 Ford Explorer on Sale for $32,900 at Fette Ford in Clifton, NJ

The Ford Motor Company has had a long history of making top-quality cars. One of the company’s biggest sellers is the ultra-versatile Ford Explorer, well known as a rugged, dependable SUV. Currently, for sale is a 2015 Explorer at Fett Ford in Clifton, New Jersey. This car boasts numerous features, and would be an excellent vehicle for your next purchase. Let’s go over the specs and details.

  • Almost brand new, the model year is 2015
  • Four-Wheel-Drive for added power
  • Keyless Entry and Keyless Start
  • Cruise Control
  • Climate Control for front and back
  • Heated front seats
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Rear camera for backing up
  • Front, rear, and knee airbags
  • Satellite radio, HD radio, and MP3 player input

This Explorer model is loaded to the nines with all of the amenities and features you could want. While this list is not comprehensive, it does give you some insight into what comes with the vehicle when you purchase.

Over the years, the Ford Explorer has been one of the top-selling SUVs on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. The Explorer debuted in 1991 as a replacement for the Ford Bronco II. It featured either three or five doors and ran on a 155 horsepower engine made in Germany. While the Explorer became popular right away, it suffered some major setbacks in the early to mid-90s when it became apparent that the SUV, when driven with Firestone Tires, would have a high rollover risk when turning sharply. This scandal resulted in Ford equipping all new Explorer models with stability control, to help ensure that rolling over was much less of a problem.

Over the years, the Explorer has changed with the times. For a long while, SUVs reigned supreme in the US, so the Explorer didn’t need to undergo any significant upgrades. However, with the troubled economy and people looking to scale down from their monster cars, the Explorer became a crossover SUV in 2011. It also now features Ford’s EcoBoost system, which helps maximize fuel economy.

While we could go on all day about the benefits of driving a Ford Explorer, it would probably be best if we let the experts tell you why this vehicle is a top-rated automobile. According to this Fette Ford Vehicle Specialist:

So if you’re looking to upgrade to a Ford Vehicle, or just want to replace your aging car, contact Fette Ford today and see about getting yourself into this beautiful Explorer. You can find them, and the car, at: